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Tom Markakis
May 27, 2022 | Tom Markakis

Sangiovese 3 Ways - Crazy!

I’m crazy for Sangiovese! I love its fresh tart cherry like acidity and its earthy coffee-esque undertones.  I love that it pairs so easily with a variety of meals and snacks. And I love the sense of style and whimsy that they can bring to my table, while still acknowledging tradition and offering high quality. Recently I brought three variations of Sangiovese from Tuscany produced by cult winemaker and abstract artist Bibi Graetz to dinner.

The bottles delighted everyone with their eye-catching labels, which are all original paintings by Bibi. We all loved the deliciously quaffable taste of the wines, and to everyone’s surprise (including mine) all of these wines are made from 100% Sangiovese.

We opened a bottle Bollamatta which means “crazy bubbles “in Italian to get things going. It’s a fun spumante with just enough fizz to wake up the palate and a pinch of sweetness that matched the medley of Castelvetrano olives and aged cheeses on the table. The Bollamatta is also certified organic.

As more bites began to appear at our family style meal, we segued into the 2019 Casamatta Rosato. Casa-Matta means “crazy house” in Italian. This wine is a refreshing dry rosé with delicate aromas of red fruit, white flowers, and roses. It was a perfect match for our grilled artichokes drizzled with lemon infused olive oil and tarragon aioli on the side for dipping.

And when it was time for the main course, traditional style Italian sausage and peppers, cooked in the skillet with yellow onions, tomatoes and garlic served with crusty ciabatta bread, we opened a few bottles of 2019 Testamatta Rosso - “crazy-head” in Italian – which is the best word to describe Bibi Graetz: a positive, creative, and passionate person. This old vine wine is perfectly balanced with deep layers of fruit, spice and incredible complexity.

We love these wines and hope that you will too!


Tom Markakis - Hospitality Manager & Estate Sommelier

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